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We design and install a complete entertainment experience in your new or existing home.
First we meet with you to understand your desires and then propose an optimal solution to satisfy your budget as well as your taste for luxury entertainment at an affordable price.
Best Seat In The House has partnered with internationally recognized Folio Design for our exquisite interior designs. (Please refer to the adjoining biographical sketch for more insight into this outstanding firm.).
Our electronic design team has over 34 years of experience with the sophisticated electronics used in our theatres and is intimately familiar with the optimal implementations of the technological alternatives.

We are much more than just an installer!

   We are technically competent with all the equipment to optimize the design and to service it without a “return it” mentality.
o    We provide a totally customized system for your unique theme, rather than a “canned” solution.
o    We are sized to be responsive and flexible.
o    We are committed to providing you with the ultimate entertainment experience!

We are never  finished  until our discriminating customers are completely satisfied with the total solution.


Folio is a Chicago based architectural and interior design firm established 36 years ago. The firm provides interior design, architecture and related services to “high-end” residential and commercial clients who are remodeling or expanding their existing facilities, or building new ones.

Completed projects include hotels and resorts throughout the United States and Mexico, restaurants, clubs and private residences from the East to the West coast – from Cape Cod, to Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, Indiana and Chicago.

Over the years, Folio has refined its expertise at meticulous space planning and the design of exquisite interior finishes, cabinetry and millwork. Colors, fabrics and all other materials which complete the project to the owner’s satisfaction, are also an integral part of the scope of work.

A "program" (a series of discussions) is developed with the client to determine their needs and tastes. These requirements are of utmost importance to Folio because they become the basis for all subsequent work. 

Once the project programming is complete, floor plans, elevations, specifications and other documents, which define and characterize the work to be done, are prepared. Accurate cost opinions and budgets are calculated throughout this planning process so that the Owner feels, at all times, in control of the expenditure.

Folio respects it's valued client relationships. Referrals and repeat business are a testament to this philosophy.

Let Best Seat in the House, in collaboration with Folio,
design for you the ultimate experience in home entertainment

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